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About the tour

■ The fee is a guide fee only.

If you are not participating in mountain insurance (with distress and rescue) who participated in the mountain climbing tour, we recommend that you purchase insurance.

■ Niseko and Mt.Yotei tours can be picked up free of charge at accommodations in the Niseko area.


■ In bad weather, the tour may be canceled.

If the tour is canceled by the guide, there is no cancellation fee, but if canceled by the customer, there will be a cancellation fee

 ※Cancellation fee: 100% on the day and the day before, 2 days before: 50%

About belongings

■Mountaineering tours (for day trips)

※ In case of lodging, we will provide you with a separate guide.

Zac (25ℓ-30ℓ), mountain climbing shoes, rain gear (up and down separate type)

Headlights, winter clothes, hats, gloves, medicines, roll paper

Behavioral food (snack), lunch, water (1ℓ to 2ℓ)

◆ Things that are good ・ ・ Stock spats ・ Insect repellent ・ Sunscreen cream
◆ Please participate in synthetic underwear, long sleeves and long pants that are easy to dry even when wet.


■Natural walking tours

Back with open hands, athletic shoes that are easy to walk, rain wear (up and down separate type), behavioral food (snack), water (about 500mℓ), hat, gloves (if any), sunscreen cream, insect repellent spray.

◆ Please participate in easy-to-move clothes that may be dirty.


■ You can also contact us from this inquiry form.


■ Tour application is up to 3 days in advance, but if you are on a mountain night tour, e-mail response will be delayed, so please contact us as soon as possible.


■ If you participate in the tour, we ask that you submit a “participation application” in advance. (One per person, advance submission)

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