Mt.Yotei Trekking


I will guide you to Mt. Yotei. One hundred mountains in Japan "Yotei". The beautiful figure resembling Mt. Fuji is also called "Ezo Fuji". Why do not you enjoy the scenery from the highest peak in Hokkaido and Hokkaido?

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Mt.Yotei Climbing Guide / Day Trip


required Time: about 10-12 hours (walking about 9-12 hours)

Climb Mt. Yotei on a day trip. Mt. Yotei is about 5 hours on the uphill and about 4 hours on the downhill, and the altitude difference is about 1500m. Why do not you challenge?

Mt.Yotei Climbing Guide/Hut stay



required Time:5~7hours a day(Walking:4~6hours a day)


Because you stay at the hut, you can walk leisurely. If you are lucky, you may see the light coming. It is recommended because you can enjoy the flowers and scenery leisurely.

* Dinner will be prepared by a guide. (Includes fee)

It will be suspended in 2020