Snowshoes Trekking


Wear snowshoes and enjoy the deep snow of Niseko.

If you wear snowshoes, you can easily walk in the deep snow!

In summer you can walk in places that you cannot walk, find animal footprints, play with snow, and enjoy the winter of Niseko!

It is a completely private tour

Please participate in Waterproof Jacket and Pants,  Snow Boots, Warm clothing, Gloves, Knit Hat, Neck Warmer,       Goggles or Sunglasses .   ※ Lunch(1day tour)
I will pick you up at a hotel in the Niseko area
※ Price includes tax


¥6,000(2~5 people/1person)/ ¥10,000(1people)       

 Price includes rental fee .(snowshoe & stock)


Niseko Half  day  Tour


10,000(2~5 people/1person)¥16,000(1people)       

Niseko 1day  Snowshoes Trekking

Price includes rental fee .(snowshoe & stock)



Special 1day  Tour


¥10,000~(2~5 people)¥16,000~(1people)       

Price includes rental fee .(snowshoe & stock)


Special tours go to recommended places outside the Niseko area.
(Ice falls or ice bamboo shoots etc.)
Depending on the location, transportation costs may apply.
(About ¥1,000~¥4,000)
Mt.Iwao Snowshoes Trekking  Tour


¥10,000(2~5 people)¥16,000(1people)       

Price includes rental fee .(snowshoe & stock)


climb Iwaonupuri with snowshoes. The walking time is about 3 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes.
Equipment such as an avalanche transceiver, probe, and shovel is required.
(Rental available / paid)