Niseko Trekking

Harsh environment due to northwest wind from the Sea of Japan in winter, heavy snowfall ...

Niseko can enjoy various alpine plants at low altitude!

Niseko mountain climbing guide and nature Walking guide.

Enjoy Niseko trekking.

※ Price includes tax
Niseko Nature walking (half day)


■Price:¥4,500(2person~)¥7,000(Only 1person)


■Required time:About 2.5 hours (walking about 1.5 hours)

Take a leisurely walk, such as Shinsennuma, with its wooden paths, and Kagaminuma, which you can reach while walking through the forest.


●Hangetuko(From May to October)

●Shinsennuma(From May to October)​

●Kagaminuma(From June to October)




●Niseko Annupuri

●Shinsennuma to Shisenupuri

​​●Swamp tour (Onuma-Shinsennuma)

Niseko Easy Mountain Trekking 

■Price:¥8,000(2person~)¥13,000(Only  1person)

■Required time:About 4h to 5h  (Walking About 3h to 4h)


This course is recommended for beginners and families, such as "Iwaonupuri" with a 360-degree view, and "Niseko Annupuri", the top 300 mountains in Japan.

Niseko Mountain climbing

■Price:A¥10,000(2person~)¥16,000(Only 1person)

    B¥12,000(2person~)/¥19,000(Only 1person)

This is for those who want to take a long walk in Niseko mountains, such as Niseko vertical climbing.

Please contact us as the price may change depending on the course.


​ ※Required time:About 5h to7h(Walking About 4h to 6h)

●NisekoAnnupuri (Kaganuma-Goshiki Onsen Course)

●Three swamps and Chisenupuri & Mt.Chakunage )  

●Mt. Mekunnai & Panke Mekunnai Marsh

B≪example≫ ※Required time:About 8h~(Walking About 7h ~)

●Niseko swamp tour and mountain climbing