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Other Hokkaido

In addition to the Niseko area, we also provide mountain climbing guides and nature guides in Hokkaido.

You can enjoy various plants depending on the vast Hokkaido and the area. Do you not enjoy the great nature of Hokkaido?

Hokkaido mountain climbing guide

We will guide you through the mountains of Hokkaido, such as the vast flower garden “Daisetsuzan / Susoaidaira”, the southern limit of beech “Kuromatsunaidake”, and the highest mountain in the southern Hokkaido “Daisenkendake”.

Guide fee (example)​

※The price is for one person based on the number of participants.(Tax includes)







Price: ≪1person≫ ¥26,000 (per)

      ≪2people≫ ¥13,500 (per)

          ≪3people≫ ¥10,000 (per)

   ≪4~5people≫   ¥9,000 (per)







Price: ≪1person≫ ¥30,000 (per)

      ≪2people≫ ¥16,000 (per)

          ≪3people≫ ¥12,000 (per)

   ≪4~5people≫ ¥10,500 (per)

● Fees are only guide fees. Separate guide transportation costs are required. (About ¥10,000 ~¥15,000 in the Daisetsuzan area)

In addition, there may be costs such as accommodation fee for the guide, ropeway fee, moving date etc. I would like the head of all participants.

● We also accept tours in the mountains. Please contact us.

● First of all, we will quote you so please feel free to contact us.

● Please contact us for pickup at Chitose Airport.

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